Our services provide professional quality technical expertise in the evolving field of Photogrammetry. Our work is geared primarily towards the requirements of the forensics and technical data analysis markets. Imagemetrica is based at Maulden, Bedfordshire in the UK.

Photogrammetry is the science of making highly accurate 3D measurements from photographs. Yes, you read that correctly: highly accurate measurements from photographs. Generally speaking if it can be photographed, then it can be modelled with photogrammetry. Please see the Photogrammetry Examples section to see how it may be deployed in practice.

From a photogrammetric model of a subject area, scene or object, it is possible to produce:

  • Accurate 3D measurements.
  • CAD drawings.
  • 3D reconstruction models.
  • Formal statistical data analyses.

Photogrammetry has a number advantages over conventional surveying techniques. For example:

  • Speed: A survey can be preformed relatively fast. All that is required is to be able to photograph the subject from various different positions using an ordinary consumer grade digital camera.

  • Accuracy: The typical accuracy of photogrammetric measurements might be up to 1 in 3,000, and in some instances as high as 1 in 30,000, depending on camera parameters and factors specific to the subject being modelled.

  • Cost: Not as expensive as you might think! A typical, small scale, 5 to 15 hour photogrammetry project would cost a mere fraction compared to that of using other survey methods. Ask us for a free no obligation quote!

  • Non-invasive: In some instances it might not be feasible to interact with or modify the subject in order to measure it. For example physical access to a site may not be possible for whatever reason, or an object might be too delicate, hazardous or difficult to measure using normal instrumentation.

  • Preservation: Forgot to measure something? Once a photogrammetric model has been created, then the structure of the subject is digitally preserved, allowing measurements to be made in the future if so required. This is a vital feature especially concerning the preservation of evidence. “I wish we had measured that!” scenarios are a thing of the past.

  • All digital: Under certain circumstances it is possible to make measurements from client supplied imagery of a subject, i.e. scanned historical images, images from unknown cameras and video footage.

If you would like to know more about how the science of photogrammetry may be deployed on your project, or if you would like to commission us, or indeed have any other queries, please use the contact page for further information.

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